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Wrenched at the Reindeer Run


It’s almost Christmas and all interior designer and part-owner of Nailed It Home Renos, Rowena Summerfield, wants to do is enjoy the festivities of the season with her guy, Chuck Dawson. But their plans must be put on hold when a local hardware store and lumber yard owner is found crushed under the reviewing stand of the Florida community’s first 5K Reindeer Run and her former homicide partner once again needs her help finding the killer.


Author Barbara Barrett

Meet Barbara

Welcome to my website. If you’re looking for cozy mysteries that are peppered with friendships, family and community, you’ve come to the right place. I have also written several lighthearted, contemporary romances featuring compelling personal issues. My website features both my cozy mysteries and my romances.

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Four retired senior sleuths augment their weekly mah jongg game investigating homicides in their small central Florida community of Serendipity Springs even though they occasionally are at odds with the local sheriff.

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