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Before I discuss this week’s topic, I first wanted to alert you to a special event several of the authors with Crimson Romance will be holding starting June 4. This month marks the publication of CR’s first ebooks one year ago. At that point, I’d known for two weeks that they wanted to publish The Sleepover Clause. It was released on September 3, 2012. So I see myself as one of CR’s initial authors, and in that spirit, I will be participating in my first blog hop, “A Year of Love,” to celebrate our first year. For more details, click on the “Blog Hop” tab above on this website.

Okay, now for “decluttering.” We’re currently going through this process in our household. Dare I call it a “process”? Probably a misnomer in our case, as about the only systematic thing about it is, “find something, decide whether to keep it, pitch it, give it away or put it in garage sale.” Although it may have started with the noble intention of going room-by-room, that’s not really happening. Well, it is, sorta. Guess it’s just taking a long time to move from one room to the next. So far, I’ve made it through the kitchen and dining room, but there’s much more house to go. And sometimes it’s just easier to locate some “low hanging fruit ” in whatever room and do something with it immediately.

Enough complaining about this type of housecleaning. It’s coming along, just much slower than I’d like. But it has also got me thinking about how I can “declutter” my writing life. That point was really driven home to me today when I spent over an hour searching for a document on several different flashdrives to no avail. I see myself as a very organized person in some respects. File management isn’t one them. Several months ago, in an effort to get on top of things, I developed a master list of all the current documents, files and folders on each flashdrive. Worked pretty slick for awhile, but the trick is to continue maintaining such list, i.e., updating it regularly. At that I’ve failed miserably. the only saving grace is that I tend to  stick with one flashdrive for a while before switching to another. So most recent documents are on the same one, just not the one I wanted today.

Now that the second edits of the latest book, Driven to Matrimony, are off to the copy editor, this is the perfect time to renew my good intentions at file management and get on top of things. But it’s so much more fun to keep writing, both creating a new manuscript and revising others. Even marketing and promotion seem more appealing than file management. But it’s time. I can’ t afford to spend many more hours tracking down documents I’m sure I’ve written, or worse yet, being forced to recreate them, when I can’t find them. Am I the only one who experiences this? I hope not, not that I’d wish it on anyone else, but maybe we could form our own support system for sloppy file organization.

Any suggestions? (Besides “bite the bullet and do it.)  Any other ideas for someone who’d rather spend her time writing?


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Photo by Leslie Sloan

Photo by Leslie Sloan