Photo by Leslie Sloan, Ignite The Light Photography

Photo by Leslie Sloan, Ignite The Light Photography

I am one month away from the launch of the first book in my Sullivan’s Creek Series, Saved by the Salsa, which will be available August 8. Though this is my fourth book to be published, I’m still learning the ropes as far as pre-launch promotion. Because social media has become such a vast, diverse universe, there are a lot of potential places to tap.

Timing is important. Some places, like reviewers, need whatever you’re going to send them well in advance. Other places, like email blasts to readers, need to be close to the actual release date, so they can go right to the buy link, if interested. Some buy links aren’t available until a few days or weeks after the release date. It has taken me three books to become familiar with these time frames, and then, just when I think I’m on top of things, either the time elements change or new promotion points come along, which need to be figured in. SavedbytheSalsa_w8725_750

Where do you go to learn about new titles?

Here’s my current checklist and progress to date:

  1. Update website book page – Done except for buy links
  2. Prepare tweets – Done, ready for release date
  3. Establish Saved by the Salsa Pinterest page – Ready, though a work in progress. Check it out at
  4. Seek reviewers – started, ongoing
  5. Draft newsletter announcing launch – Done, to be sent July 8. If you’d like to be added to my mailing list for this and future newsletters, contact me at
  6. Seek guest blog spots – started, ongoing. I’ll be on “Just Contemporary Romance,”, July 30-31 and Melissa Snark’s “Scene Spotlight” on August 9. Watch this website for additional appearances.
  7. Write guest blog articles – in progress, never done.
  8. Update business cards – Done!
  9. Create new bookmarks – Done!
  10. Establish buy links – wait until after release on August 8.
  11. Update Goodreads page – author page done, need to add Saved by the Salsa after its release.
  12. Create Salsa playlist on YouTube. First I have to figure out how to make a playlist. This is my next social medium to tackle.

dancers pinI haven’t done a lot of giveaways, but for this book I have five pins of a dancing couple. One will be given away to commenters on the “Just Contemporary Romance” blog. I’m seeking creative suggestions for how to use the others.

Speaking of suggestions, got any other ideas for how I can add to my “salsify” efforts, i.e., spread the word about this book launch?