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The Mah Jongg Mysteries Barbara Barrett

Nailed It Home Reno Mystery Series

All Rowena Summerfield is seeking is a sense of accomplishment as she and her thirty-five-year old daughter, Valerie, build their fledgling home reno business. However, circumstances and her former partner keep pulling her back to investigating homicides. But as she approaches her sixth decade, she discovers she’s no longer the physically fit young woman she once was, especially after a near fatal auto accident injured her back, prompting her to seek early retirement. Chasing murderers proves not only challenging mentally, but it also takes its toll on her relationship with Val and the new love in her life. Can she continue to juggle the new with the old and maintain her balance? Join Ro in this new cozy series as she struggles to nail down the challenges of both worlds.

A Mah Jongg Mystery by Barbara Barrett

Wrenched at the Reindeer Run

Book 7

It’s almost Christmas and all former homicide investigator Rowena Summerfield wants to do is enjoy the season with her guy. But their plans must be put on hold when a local man is found dead under the reviewing stand of the 5K Reindeer Run.


A Mah Jongg Mystery by Barbara Barrett

Snared by the Snake

Book 6

Nailed It Home Reno owners Rowena Summerfield and her daughter, Valerie, thought they’d seen it all, but the derelict Mehaffy House is a first. Rumor has it the place is haunted. Though the women scoff at the idea, there’s no denying weird things are happening. But the job gets even stranger when their plumber, Harper, becomes the chief suspect in the murder of her male-model boyfriend.

A Mah Jongg Mystery by Barbara Barrett

Nuts and Bolts

Book 5

Ex-cop Rowena Summerfield would do just about anything for longtime friend Ryder Tompkins. When he discovers he has a half sister he never knew about and pressures Ro to use her investigative talents to help him find her, she can’t say no. But boyfriend Chuck Dawson’s offer to accompany her to Atlanta might complicate the search. Is she ready for so much togetherness?

A Mah Jongg Mystery by Barbara Barrett

homicide by hammer

Book 4

Once again, the Shasta Police Department drafts Ro to return to her role as a homicide detective and help her old partner Herc find a killer. But uncorking the mystery proves challenging given the small pool of suspects, most of them artists like the victim. Before Ro can sip success, she must also deal with a missing-persons case—her construction supervisor’s sister—and sort out her feelings for Chuck as their relationship warms up.

A Mah Jongg Mystery by Barbara Barrett

Death by Drywall

Book 3

Ever worn a pair of drywall stilts? It’s not easy, especially when it’s your first time and you’ve snuck into a home renovation project after hours. A girl could get killed, which is exactly what happens to Lila Halpern. What first looks like a horrible accident soon is deemed murder, and it’s up to former-homicide-cop-turned-home-renovator Rowena Summerfield and her partner, Hercules Morgan to figure out why the victim would put herself in harm’s way and find her killer.

A Mah Jongg Mystery by Barbara Barrett

Loose Screw

Book 2

All Rowena Summerfield wants to do is finish her latest home renovation with her daughter, Valerie. And it seems like all building inspector Mortimer Fonseca wants to do is get in her way. His refusal to help Ro’s Nailed It company meet his impossible expectations has her fuming, and she’s not the only one — as she learns when Fonseca turns up dead, run over in a parking lot in the middle of the night.

A Mah Jongg Mystery by Barbara Barrett

Measure Twice, Murder Once

Book 1

Ro, a former homicide detective turned home renovator, is dumbfounded when her business partner accidentally acquires a brothel. Surprise turns to shock when the former owner—and madam—turns up dead. Soon Ro’s ex-partner, Herc, shows up needing a temporary sidekick to help him solve the case.. As the sleuths dig deeper, they unearth a flimsy foundation of anger, greed and fear framing the walls the suspects have built around themselves. Can Ro and Herc find the culprit before someone plays another deadly trick?

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