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When her ex-husband calls her frigid, Jenna DiFranco takes some incredible risks to prove her sexuality, including picking up men in bars. Realizing her behavior is unsafe and irrational and finding herself facing several days on the road alone with Gray McKenna, she makes him promise not to respond to her overtures.

Years ago, Gray swore off serious relationships with women, but that hasn’t stopped him from casual hook-ups. From the moment he meets her, he recognizes Jenna as trouble, the kind of woman who wants permanence in a relationship. The kind of woman to avoid.

But the promise and Gray’s resolve don’t stand a chance when close confinement, personal revelations and Jenna’s need to prove she still has it ignite their mutual attraction.

 Seduction on Wheels

The Matchmaking Motor Coach Series Book 2

By Barbara Barrett

Geoff stopped skimming his thumbnail through the label on his beer bottle and gazed at Gray. “While you were in the kitchen, Mitch and I ran our idea past Aubrey, Paige and Eileen.” 

Eileen, who’d remained silent up to now, added her two cents. “Though it’s somewhat far-fetched, we all agree we should give it a try.” 

Damn! He hoped with a full meal in their gullets, the guys would have forgotten about Geoff’s ill-conceived plan. His palms itched. Something was up. Something more than discussing how this crazy scheme could work. He had to put the brakes on this runaway train, or in their case, motor coach. 

Gray banged his bottle so hard on the kitchen table, beer splashed across the surface. “You’re kidding?” His eyes went from face to face. No kidding here. Just delusions of possibility. 

Mitch assumed what Gray privately referred to as his lawyer tone. Patient. Calm. Confident. “Not only is it going to be difficult watching her 24/7, but she’s also miserable with us watching her. Certainly evident tonight. So, we help her help herself. Though we’ve got a lot of planning to do to make this work, we still think it’s viable. “ 

Gray pushed away from the table, the sound of his chair scraping against the floor piercing the mood. “You think? What is this—did you all drink the flavored water? This idea is riddled with impossibilities.” 

“Aubrey’s working on every point you ticked off earlier, and Geoff and I can expedite the registration, licensing and insurance processes to be ready in a few days,” Mitch said. “If we can reasonably address all your concerns, will you go along with our plan?” 

Aubrey was ingenious at fixing things. But the cross-country trek they were now proposing was much more complicated. Just let her try to work her magic. “Okay. If Aubrey and the rest of you can clear away each and every one of the obstacles, I’ll agree. Reluctantly.” This ridiculous idea was so doomed. 

“Let’s tackle the first problem right now,” Mitch said. “Who helps Jenna flee?” 

 “I’d love to see the West Coast, but I don’t have much vacation time built up with my job,” Eileen said, as if on cue.

“Besides, she doesn’t know how to drive a motor coach. Nor Aubrey,” Geoff added. “And, uh, we all know I can’t be on the road.” 

“I promised Orville I’d start my part-time job with him next week,” Mitch put in. 

And there it was. The reason his palms itched. His brothers and their women must have rehearsed this setup while he was in the kitchen with Jenna. But Gray was on to them. They couldn’t make him do something he didn’t want to do. And he really didn’t want to do this. No, running away with Jenna just wasn’t in the cards.

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