Never heard of these awards? Check out my earlier post, where I explained these were my own invention. As the daughter of a carpenter and wife of a woodworker, I admire the skill of those who build and remodel houses. But my real passion lies with the design and redesign of those homes. I appreciate the diverse ways in which HGTV goes about demonstrating the unique talents of their hosts. Here are some of the ways these talented people stand out.

Photos courtesy of HGTV

David Bromstad

Brightest and Boldest Color Schemes

David was the first winner of HGTV’s “Design Star,” one of my favorite shows on that network. He went on to do “Color Splash,” then later, “My Lottery Dream House,” and most recently, he teamed up with Tiffany Brooks to compete in “Rock the Block, Season 2.” Though I’m into more neutral color schemes, his use of bright blues, greens and pinks is memorable. He’s never afraid to experiment and try the new, something we all should take to heart.

Jasmine Roth

Most Creative Use of Space

Jasmine is a relative newcomer to the HGTV community, although that didn’t stop her from winning the first season of “Rock the Block” with the way she finished a brand new home. Her first show, “Hidden Potential,” explored ways to make “cookie cutter” homes in builder developments stand out from the rest. More recently, she has been the welcome rescuer to homeowners on “Help, I Wrecked My House.” She thrives on finding unique ways to utilize wasted space, like a small hidden window where parents could leave notes for their daughter.

Drew Scott

As the real estate consulting part of the Property Brothers, Drew usually lets twin brother, Jonathan, do the home reno and design, but not in their continuing sibling “grudge match,” “Brother vs. Brother.” Drew won the seventh season with his house selling more than his brother’s entry. One of Drew’s more brilliant moves was the space he added to the master bedroom.

Leanne and Steve Ford

Most Uber Cool Designs

When they’re not renovating older homes with antiques, they’re also into more modern, dramatic design elements, as most clearly demonstrated on Season 1 of “Rock the Block.” They won the first challenge with an incredible master bath that featured a show-stopping free-standing tub and huge walk-in shower behind it. In their kitchen, they boldly removed the upper cabinets (and thus precious storage space) and put in a stone wall. In the living room they removed the baseboards and kept a concrete floor. In their most recent show, “Home Again with the Fords,” they return to their hometown of Pittsburgh and devise numerous twists to help the homeowners reclaim their homes’ former glory with new ideas.

Erin and Ben Napier

Most Soothing Voices

I could go on and on presenting one award after another to this pair. Not only do they renovate some pretty rundown properties into beautiful new homes for deserving folks, they are also restoring the glory of Laurel, Mississippi, their “Home Town,” one project at a time. Most recently, in “Hometown Takeover,” they are doing the same for the town of Wetumpka, Alabama; but those efforts are awards for another time. For now, let’s discuss how just listening to these two can be so calming. They seem to take life’s challenges in stride and remind the rest of us screaming rarely gets the job done.

Do you agree with these awards?

These are just my opinions, but I wanted to introduce my readers to these very talented people. Stay tuned. There will be more awards in the future.