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I was going to write about my family’s Christmas traditions, but once I started thinking about it, we’re a family in transition where traditions are concerned. My children are grown with families of their own developing their own traditions, and now that all our parents are gone, that part of our lives is just a pleasant memory. I wrote about our Christmas stockings last week, which we still do. My husband, bless his heart, decided to continue the tradition of giving each of us a chocolate orange, which my mother used to do. The tree still wears the ornaments selected over the years to match our sapphire blue and cranberry red color scheme. And the best tradition of all, the whole family getting together, our children and our grandchildren, looks like it’s going to happen this year, if the weather cooperates.

Speaking of weather, since I don’t have much more to say about traditions, I thought I’d spend the rest of this blog talking about what you do when freezing rain the night before and continuing arctic temps keep you indoors all day when you could be out finishing up last-minute shopping, getting groceries for the week ahead or checking out all the new movies.

First, being the responsible OCD person you are, you work on your blog so it’s ready to go Monday morning and you won’t have to work on it once family arrives. (Check)

Next, since you’re a writer to the very bone, you relish the idea of several hours to yourself to work on your revisions, especially since you seem to have worked through the bugs keeping it from totally clicking and are anxious to see those new ideas on the screen. (Coming up next)

Photo by Leslie Sloan, Ignite The Light Photography

Photo by Leslie Sloan, Ignite The Light Photography

The above should be enough, and they are. However, there are more than enough other possible activities to tempt you away from the laptop. It’s your spouse’s birthday. Time to get out that perfect card you found a week ago and set it out for him to find when he gets home from work. You also need to wrap his gift and those ten orange chocolates mentioned above. Also need to check the pantry and recipes for the family gathering Monday night and make sure you’ve got all the ingredients on your shopping list.

Busy, busy, aren’t we? Good thing, because there’s that box of chocolates a friend gave you for your birthday calling from across the room. Don’t want to listen too closely.

And there’s only two days left to finish listening to the audio tape you borrowed from the library before the checkout expires. Once it’s finished, you’re down to twelve days left to listen to the audio tape of the book for January book club. (Don’t tell anyone I’m listening instead of reading this one. I took one look at the length of the printed word and decided there wasn’t enough time.) When those two books are done, there’s also the ebook you started on the flight from Chicago the other night.

Whew! Who knew you could keep yourself so occupied when confined to home?

But you know, a nap sounds pretty good too.

Merry Christmas, everyone.