This Wednesday, January 15, is the big day. Driven to Matrimony will be released worldwide. That means you’ll now be able to purchase it at other places than Amazon. As soon as I can find the listings, I’ll post them here.

Photo by Leslie Sloan

Photo by Leslie Sloan

I almost didn’t get this post written on time this week. I’ve been seated in front of my laptop most of the day working on my current manuscript in progress and totally forgot I needed to write this post. Isn’t that a delightful problem to have? Doesn’t happen all the time. When the muse is there, you run with her.

I’ve been working my way through a couple key scenes near the end. The first was when both the hero and heroine realize they can deny their mutual attraction no longer and get together, what should seemingly be one of the easier scenes to write. It’s the one the reader’s been waiting for. But no, it wasn’t, because I wanted it to stand out from other love scenes. I also wanted it to reflect their state of mind, not easy to do, when you’re describing the physical but trying to keep it cerebral.

Once I got through that scene, it was time to hit the one where the heroine discovers a secret the hero has been hiding her. Should have been fun, which it was, eventually, once I figured out what would trigger the reveal. You can’t just lay it out there. It has to come about in its own time, nurtured by a series of well-crafted, subtly hidden, at least from the surprise, clues.

So it was a productive day. I actually was able to put away the last of the Christmas decorations and do a load of laundry as well. Never made it outside, but when you don’t have anything else scheduled and the words and ideas keep flowing, you forget about all the other things you could be doing. cropped-office-cropped.jpg

Is what I accomplished ready for the eyes of others? Good heavens, no. It’s always a bit of a shock when I reread my words later, accompanied at times with cringing and at other times with patting my own back. For now, though, I try to avoid the temptation to go back over my stuff. Slows me down, and this is my year of productivity.

How about you? Have you started this year on a productive foot?


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