I get my exercise these days by walking the treadmill in the fitness room of our living complex. Sometimes I listen to albums on my iPhone or watch the TV monitors in the room, but when I tire of those activities, I basically just think. The steady rhythm keeps my mind humming through various plot twists and character traits for my manuscripts. Most of the time.

On certain occasions, though, I find myself simply staring at the equipment. There are a lot of gauges on that thing, more than I’ve figured out how to use. Interesting names: time elapsed, time remaining, distance, pace, average speed, heart rate, warm-up, peak high, variety, performance, interval, incline, pause/reset, time and quick start.


What great topics for me to use as my vehicle to share my thoughts about writing and the publishing world!

By way of introduction, I’ve been writing for more years than I can even remember or want to disclose. After all that time, my opportunity to see my work published came last year when the folks at Crimson Romance, a new epublisher with ties to F&W Media, wanted to publish The Sleepover Clause. Though it wasn’t my most recent manuscript, it was a fitting way to enter the publishing world, because it takes place where I began, my hometown of Burlington, Iowa. I always intended it to be the first of three books and therefore ended it with several potential future storylines. I’m working on the second now and busy including possible springboards to the third book.

No sooner had I signed the contract for The Sleepover Clause than the chance to publish another book, And He Cooks Too, came from a second publisher, The Wild Rose Press. The Kindle version became available with Amazon in January of this year, and it will officially launch in both ebook format and Print on Demand on March 22. Soon.

Such a year. I’ve had to learn how to promote both books on the fly, starting with this website. I’ve put off doing a blog on the website until now, partially due to time constraints and partially because I’m rather introverted. I wasn’t sure how much of my private life I wanted to reveal. I’m still hesitant to share much about my life outside of writing, although as I’m coming to find out, there’s a stronger link between the two than I realized.

That’s my “quick start.” We’ll see where this goes. I plan to blog weekly. Come back again.

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